AI Diagnostics Solution based on Metabolic information with MRS in vivo

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy(MRS) is a technology used to obtain metabolic information within living cells for determining progress and malignancy of tumors when biopsy tests are deemed too risky. Brain biopsy tests may leave patients permanently damaged or worse. Due to this, biopsy test on these organs are only performed when the importance of the test outweighs the risks. METLiT AI Solution successfully dealt with numerous technical difficulties which the MRS field could not overcome in the past and achieved high accuracy and reliability. Based on this technical achievement, METLiT solution can be used in various medical research fields and in clinical treatment.

Our Strength

Clinical Decision Supporting

METLiT Diagnostics© will provide clinically relevant information using key metabolites as the indicators based on numerous translational research projects and future research projects with cooperative organisations. Our diagnostics solution can be used on diseases such as:

  • Brain Tumor
  • Stroke
  • Liver fibrosis/cirrhosis/tumor
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Other diseases linked to metabolites

Computer-Aided Analysis

17 major brain metabolites can be quantified using MRS. METLiT AI Soultion analyses quantified metabolic information and provides concentration of each metabolite with approximately 16% mean absolute percent error. Our solution also provides uncertainty parameter using the latest neural network technology so the processed data can be reliably interpreted by the users. METLiT AI Solution has been tested under every medical environment including in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo and currently has the best performance in quantifying metabolites in the MRS field.

Fast Data Acquisition

METLiT AI Solution is also greatly reliable while reducing the scan time. Our Solution decreases the scan time to one fifth with up to 90% analysis stability in high speed scans. It is possible to obtain MRS data on the lesion and the contralateral normal under 3 minutes (2 voxels). Reduction in scan time will minimise discomfort felt by patients and also improve the utility of MRS for diagnostics in clinical environments.


METLiT Research©

Our research solution is suitable for in vivo research in diseases that are related to metabolites, such as:

  • Preclinical and Clinical research
  • Translational research
  • Pharmaceutical research

METLiT Diagnostics©

Our diagnostics assistance solution can be used as a diagnostics assistance tool during patient treatment and monitoring. METLiT Diagnostics© Solution aims to minimise the uncertainty caused by lack of biochemical information during diagnostics and treatment processes, ultimately reducing the risk for both medical staff and patients.