Transforming Medicine with
Advanced Diagnostics

Transforming Medicine with
Advanced Diagnostics

Transforming Medicine with
Advanced Diagnostics

Metabolic information has always been critical to explain biological mechanisms

Our MRS solution helps to acquire metabolic
information in a fast and painless way

Why is metabolic information a critical factor?

in vivo metabolites are the result of cell activities, therefore it is possible to ascertain physiological status through examination of the types and concentration of metabolites.


Obtaining metabolic information requires invasive measures such as biopsy.
However since biopsies entail risk, they may only be performed in limited conditions and only on the limited legion necessary for treatment.


Most importantly,

cells are no longer living once extracted and therefore
analysis of extracted cells cannot represent metabolic condition in vivo.

Advantages of MRS

MRS provides in vivo metabolic information without biopsies, similarly to MRI.

Because MRS is a non-invasive and safe method, it can be conducted multiple times to obtain metabolic changes quantitatively over time and in various external conditions.

The data obtained can be used as a quantitative indicator to prove the validity of new drugs.

Additionally, MRI data may also serve as a possible biomarker for various diseases such as brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, and infant brain damage, as well as mental illnesses and developmental disorders that are difficult to diagnose in early stages, such as Autism.
MRI also makes it possible to detect diseases that do not cause structural changes.

New drugs

METLIT provides information on the clinical effects of drugs in development
related to depression, Alzheimer’s, Fatty Liver, and other diseases.

Pharmaceutical development is a massive market with 2.5 million related papers released yearly, due to the fact that
the success of one drug creates tremendous value.

To cope with the difficulties of new drug development in the global pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies are
working toward the following developments to improve existing drugs:

Super Generic Drug

Personalized Drug

Drug Repositioning

However, proving the clinical effectiveness of these developments is challenging.
Extensive clinical studies with greater numbers of patients are required to statistically demonstrate
even minor improvements in effectiveness.
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